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Let's train your mind and body to walk by your own legs till 100 years old

Wu Taichi Quan School ー Taikyoku no Komichi


Do you walk properly?

According to a survey on human health, many people worries about their health.   Major findings are as follows:

  • 40% of the people are worried about their physical and mental health.

  • Main causes of worries are weakening of physical strength (55.4%) and stress and mental stress (45.2%)

  • To avoid weakening of physical strength, 33.2% exercise frequently, where as 66.8% do not do anything

  • Walking is the most common exercise


To walk by your own legs till 100 years old ....

Learn traditional Wu style Taichi Quan


in the comfortable environment 

with this teacher

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Why do you wait to start?

Please contact me if you are interested

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